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Putting in healthy food in schools while exploiting Dole workers abroad is what I call "whitewashing the problem".
Just like Wal-Mart being a contributor to its favorite charity, while ignoring the horrendous conditions the workers of the Chong Won factory are enduring, while on strike, right now.

I am still visualizing a union for these people and Visions of Hope to all those continuously exploited, around the world.

From talking to people on public transit, I have witnessed that the majority of the public do not know about the horrific exploitations that are happening around the world.

Metro International newspaper is a fast growing paper read by public transit riders. I would like to see more information on the exploitations in the world put in our local newspaper, a short up-to-date daily list of what is happening. (The idea is not a new one, just take a look at the up-to-date information we are fed about Hollywood.)
The website and email address would be included which would allow for commuters to gain information, ask questions or rant a little.

If we consume products made through some process of exploitation, this should be stamped on the product, like a warning label.
"Warning, this product was made by child labour, purchase it if you have no conscience."

Of course, this labelling will not occur, (but why not, cigarettes have a warning label!)
The public needs to know about the exploitative events taking place at this very moment.

We have a responsibility to care for the world, everyone and everything in it. If we feel that we are powerless, at least we can take the time to visualize some goodness to come into the Dole situation, for example.
These people need to know there is Hope, and hope can be a mighty force.
We, the consumers need to tell them, or show them we see their anguish, by not purchasing the products in which they have been exploited.

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