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Hello! I am currently a college student at Penn State University (Brandywine, one of the satellite colleges). This semester in our honors program, we are looking into modern slavery and trying to raise awareness. For a class of mine, I am working on a video, a case study of modern slavery and human rights abuse. I decided to do my case study on the Firestone scandal. For my video, would it be possible if I used some of the pictures from this article? It is a strictly educational video to promote awareness, so no money would be made. We have an Honors channel on Youtube that we may post this video on, again, to get the word out there and get people to realize that slavery and human rights abuse is still a huge problem. Please contact me by my email if possible! Anyway, thank you very much!

Please give the exact dates when you visited this plantation. Did you take these pictures? Can the pictures be dated?

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