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Hey John,

These advances definitely came with a lot of hardships and sacrifice, as union victories in Colombia are nearly unheard of. Over 400 trade unionists have been murdered since Uribe came into office, which is part of what makes it so infuriating when FTA proponents cite the recent decrease in violence in Colombia as a reason to sign the agreement. For more information, you should check out USLEAP's page about flower workers and their struggle for economic justice at http://usleap.org/node/94.

This is great news! It's nice to read a post about trade unionists in Colombia where there's no mention of an assassination or some other grizzly detail.

That said, I wonder if you can share with us the struggle of these workers in their organizing efforts. From a U.S. perspective, we tend to overlook the fierce struggles of Colombian workers. Who died to get these workers to this point? Has Dole been complicit in any trade unionist kilings? What would the Colombia FTA mean to these workers?

Thanks for the update.

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