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you cant always have it all. personally i would hate to be a women there but the the company sells both good products that arent ugly and unsexy like most sweat shop free clothing. they have to promote that to make them different from EVERY store...both pro labor and not. there is going to be problems with that but he has admitted to "past mistakes" so hopefully...this argument will be void when he sees he can sell sex without degrading women. in the meantime its what you can live with. it is one of the few stores that look cute and is pro labor...

In the end, I would compare it to a presidential election. Even if you agree with a less popular candidate on more issues than the forefront candidate for your political party, if you don't vote for the big guy then the vote practically doesn't count. So as the person above me says, it would be good to support American Apparel for now to help the fair labor trend and then get picky later.

Yes American Apparel shouldn't be called a sweatshop but that doesn't mean it gets the gold star either. I think they are in the gray area where they treat workers okay. The thing that really makes me angry about American Apparel is the fact that they are incredibly anti-union and even busted an attempt by their employees years ago to form a union.

I just get very nervous when the boss continues to play the role of ultimate decision maker and wonder if that is exactly what the company claims to be against. i think shopping at companies like no sweat apparel and other listed on the shop with a conscience guide (sweatfree.org/shoppingguide) are still a better option.


Charney is definitely a controversial character, but he is only one man. His company provide for thousands. I think we should support the company in order to encourage others like it to follow in their footsteps.

There's no doubt that the company uses sex to sell their products. I was on their site the other day while at work and saw a bare-breasted woman! I'm glad none of my co-workers saw what I was looking at, let alone my boss.

So yeah, I'm not all for the womanizing ads and the sexual harassment, but on a bigger picture level that's not what the company is all about.

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