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This is a great post. I really admire post like this, especially how human rights nowadays should give more importance.

Great resource links and great post Tim!

I have completely mixed feelings about what happened. On the one hand, I am happy that the workers will receive the wages and benefits to which they are legally entitled. But there are so many negatives about the activism surrounding this case.

First, progressives cared very little about the company. But the company, not Bank of America, violated the workers' rights. If they had dug more deeply, they would have discovered some interesting facts. It seems that the company quietly relocated to Iowa and bought and consolidated operations with a similar company. It then discarded its Chicago workers without providing the required notice. But thanks to progressive advocacy, it has pulled off this scheme without facing any legal liability. Furthermore, the company itself received a "bailout" from the City of Chicago, in the form of nearly $10 million dollars in development grants.

Bank of America is not even guilty of wrongdoing. And the banking bailout certainly cannot require banks to provide credit on demand. Ultimately, this case really shows that we need to improve the economic safety net. Instead, progressives just rallied around traditional story lines involving a "bad" bank and "innocent" workers of a "struggling" company.

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