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What if me make posters and publicity materials with info such as ''Health Warning; Chocolates made in the Mogue'' it comes from the fact that many lives are lost, injuries got, happiness & Smiles taken away, poverty increasing e.t.c


Are you in LOVE and Do you CARE?
Please dont use Chocolates or Cut flowers, As misery, denial of Education, death, pollution, injuries are at the foundation of Chocolate making.

I believe that a peaceful march or demonstation with placards, Stickers & posters, at all Supermarkets, Shopping malls, Convinience Stores, Schools, Universities & Media houses will help drum up support similar to the much internationally publised Darfur Crisis in South Sudan.

Please lets meet soon and work around this plan URGENTLY. Lets work towards drawing the attention of Washington, Capital hill and the White House.

I feel that we need to start up a Network on Cocoa Action or Cocoa Action Network (NCA or CAN). This will be a voluntary based network of activists that shall heavily blow the whistle or trumpet to have a campaign against chocolates as well as other Cocoa products.
If Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation really feel concerned about the growth & development of the Cocoa Sector, why dont they build a complete Cocoa processing plant in West Africa than trickly look at ways of getting cheap cocoa harvests at the expense of lives, sweat and blood of the young children, youths and poor elderly persons in Africa. Ever seen a chociolate made in West Africa? NO. But all achocolates are made in Eurtope and the West where there is no single Cocoa tree.
They have continuously lied the ACP States that development should come from Export Led Growth, thereby emphasising exportation of cheap raw materials from Africa. This has been done through collaboration with Governments & leaders in power. All that African leaders talk of today is the healthy & condusive atmosphere for investors and investments BUT not healthy & condusive for the Citizens & labourers who are tomorrow's leaders and Generation.
We also need to urgently remind them that the wealth of any nation is its human resource potential or capital and not the minerals and raw materials beind sold and supplied to the Multinational Corporates at very cheap costs.
To back this up, DR Congo would be the world's richest country with its mineral deposits BUT many European States with little or no minerals at all are far much wealthier.

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