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This list should definitely be published everywhere for end users to see what kind of conditions they are reproducing when they do such a simple thing as shopping. Child labour is one of the greatest shames of our 21st century civilisation.

It is a limited list but you should check out the Shop with a Conscience Consumer Guide which is produced by ILRF and SweatFree Communities every year at sweatfree.org/shoppingguide

@Trina - But most modern day essentials could be linked to child labour *somewhere*, no? Whether they are market-ready products (ie. footwear) or inputs (ie. cotton) for other goods...

What would be really useful is a list of the brands/retailers that are buying these goods, and a list of organizations that are proactively addressing the problem, putting presure on their suppliers. I think the latter exists (on a small scale), not sure about the former. Don't imagine the DOL would release (or even have?) such data, any ideas? Is this tracked?

this list can for sure be used as a tool for consumers when they are trying to learn more about what products might be connected to child labor.

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