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Outsourcing or contractualization is a management prerogatives accorded to capital as last resort to rescue its business impending lossess.This a statutory rights granted by the laws to investors.Independnent labor contaractor even if they want it to give benefits to their contarctual workers is not feasible anchored on the meager service fee charged towards their clients due to stiffer or keen competition on this field.However contractor. There are contarctor's who faitfull remitted social benefits for their workers and paid them in accordanc with the minimm wages. their income is ro meager amount representing service fee. It for this reason that they can not afford to yield benefits of what us given to regular direct employees.It is a high time of professionalizing Independent LABOR contractor of enacting a laws equipped with more muscles for Contractor to assert its right as such towards opportunist and exploitor principals and making the former as its escape-goat or shock absorber of its violations by renumerating the contractor to bear the burden of labor violations. undoubtedly,one of the objectives to outsource is to preempt unionism within the company which they considered a great threats of its business operation the only disparity between regular direct employee an outsource workers is the benefits provied in the CBA. among others, economic benefits an security of tenure.

This labor dilemma can only be fully addressed if the principal would also grant benefits to contractualworkers ss what their regular workers enjoyed with without the benefits of joining the union and its security of tenure shall be founded with the peformance not the lenght of service provided not prejudicial of the inhrent rights of the principal

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