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As a geography teacher, I have learned that every harvest, everyone goes to the cotton fields in Uzbekistan, not just children. The children go to school but not during harvest. This is a practice common in rural areas who depend upon crops (even in the US). If you discourage major companies from buying cotton from this former soviet satelite you are not helping the people who depend upon the sale of their cotton. This dependency was created by USSR and continues today. So does the lack of water due to river sources being diverted for irrigation of cotton.

To Ray: We are quite pleased that after a lack of real commitment on the part of LL Bean, there was a complete about face. In fact we wrote a blog about it and are excited to see that LL Bean has now committed to not using cotton from Uzbekistan. Furthermore LL Bean will be present at a meeting in DC to discuss the issues further and more forward on an industry wide commitment on ending the use of child labor in cotton. You can read the blog at: http://laborrightsblog.typepad.com/international_labor_right/2009/11/ll-bean-responds-with-grace.html

To Sean: ILRF doesn't need to go to the Philippines in order for our claims to be valid since there are workers in the Philippines that can verify the information on their own. However ILRF does travel to the Philippines once or twice a year to meet with our partners there. Its my understanding that to this day Abercrombie hasn't responded to emails from the workers (or ILRF for that matter) which suggest Abercrombie isn't willing to take the necessary step of remediating the issues at this factory. Even more shocking is that the Abercrombie's code of conduct isn't even public so workers don't even know what standards Abercrombie expects in its factories. Furthermore, while there is a functioning legal system in the Philippines, it is often the case that the court sides with management and therefore workers, while utilizing the legal system, also have requested that Abercrombie intervene. I'd be quite interested in Abercrombie responding to ILRF or to the workers directly regarding the issues brought up in various phone and email communications over the last couple of months. Maybe you can help us reach Abercrombie to show how concerned we are and that we want things to be better at the Alta Mode factory? You can email me directly at trina.tocco@ilrf.org.

Totally agree, Ray. Totally unsubstantiated. According to the press on the Abercrombie issue, a union contacted ILRF to pressure Abercrombie into interceding in an ongoing labor dispute - one for which there are proceedings and rules and courts who decide these kinds of things. WITHOUT EVEN GOING TO THE COUNTRY, THE ILRF condemned Abercrombie and put them in the Hall of Shame. No consideration for all of the other things Abercrombie is doing positively. Two bit organization. Abercrombie wouldn't respond to their inquiries? Wonder why.....

ILRF - you may think you are doing good, but you are not. You are tabloid journalists.

The workers have the right to speak for their own rights. The human rights of every one of us must be aboard by the law and cannot be stop by anyone who has power. If there is something wrong about the company's system just review and ask if it is right or wrong.

Hi, I work at L.L.Bean and we do not do these sort of things.
With all due respect please provide facts to backup these allegations.
Thanks so much...

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