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I think Rachel should be careful for what she wishes for.

For when 'we the people' give the Government the power to break corporations apart for being too successful the question should be asked "where will they draw the line?" Shouldn't that be the goal of a corporation, to succeed financially at a high level, or should the goal be to just make enough to not be considered too large and successful by the government.

The problem was not corporations getting too large, the problem was government thinking it was a good idea to bail them out! Let them fail! As painful as that would have been some other corporation would have bought them up for pennies on the dollar and we would have picked ourselves up eventually, lessons would have been learned and our great-great-great-grandchildren wouldn't be paying for this bailout and borrowing nonsense! Can we really expect to borrow our way out of debt?

No offense but I think Rachel would do well to spend a little less time preaching and a lot more time learning, but it is hard to listen and learn when your mouth is always open. This is not middle school, the loudest and most sarcastic is not the smartest. Usually they are just the most obnoxious.

The part about forced labor I agree totally with, those who endorse that should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. But let the free market work, that is why immigrants come here with a dream and it is what has made the United States of America the GREATEST nation on earth!!!

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