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Wow, although we haven't been able to reach every company, it is comforting to know that our collective voice (in some cases) has been heard and that we do have power as consumers. Hopefully these other companies will soon see that who makes our goods and where they come from is something that many of us take into consideration.

Gymboree and Abercrombie and Fitch NEED TO STOP using cotton made by forced child labor! Glad to see that J Crew and LL Bean are taking notice of the situation, and hopefully these companies continue to work in a more socially responsible manner!

It's great that some companies are willing to listen and improve how they do business, but I can't believe that a company that makes money selling clothes to children won't make an effort to eliminate child labor from its supply chain. Shame on Gymboree!

Wow this really shows that there are real differences in the way companies respond. Hopefully companies like Abercrombie and Gymboree will recognize how important it is to be a responsible company and I hope they actually take some meaningful action.

Strange that Pier 1 imports won't take action. They have the image of sourcing from developing countries, getting funky items, being a little off-beat from mainstream retail. This downgrades their image in my mind. They should be taking action.

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