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Today there are 3 times more slaves in America, and the world, than there were 200 years ago.............disgusting. ACTION is called for now! Our goal for 2010: Assist the police arrest 100 traffickers in San Diego by Dec. 31st thru a three-prong campaign of AWARENESS, ACTIVISM, AND ASSEMBLY! Taking 100 traffickers off our streets will probably free over 300 victims from modern day slavery.
The San Diego Coalition to Fight Human Trafficking welcomes new members, simply call 888.206.3264 , email phil@daytonhumantraffickingaccords.com or click on to our MeetUp website at: http://www.meetup.com/San-Diego-Coalition-to-Fight-Human-Trafficking/
Philip J. Cenedella

The Dayton Human Trafficking Accords
WE can end human trafficking and slavery, but only if we solemnly commit ourselves to that common purpose.
We must confront the global scourge of trafficking and slavery beginning in our own local communities.
We as individuals and all institutions of society have a moral responsibility to end trafficking and free slaves from their captivity.
WE undertake a solemn commitment, beginning now, to end the scourge of trafficking and slavery
And to take immediate action in our communities to
Stir society’s conscience to action against trafficking and slavery
Rescue and restore victims of trafficking and slavery
Identify and punish traffickers and slavers
Promote legislation and public policies to eradicate trafficking and slavery
Address the social, cultural and economic causes of trafficking and slavery
So that
We will end human trafficking in our time.


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