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One should balance criticism of employers vis-s-vis workers. Often, we criticize employers without considering the big picture. without, businesses people will have no jobs. Without jobs people won't be able to acquire the skills, talents and knowledge they need to improve the quality of their work, their profession, and subsequently their pay.

When I started as a lawyer, I sometimes represented other people without pay or very low fees, just to be able to practice and improve my skill in the courtroom, and in preparing legal documents.

Sometimes in life, we need to make sacrifices, specially in the present, to be able to gain in the future. Sometimes sacrifices are painful and very very difficult, but in the end , I believe, that "those who sow in tears shall reap with songs of joy".

To some they may seem exploited workers. But to me they are heroes, and a true Filipino. Sad to say most of our countrymen are lazy. Prefering to be idle, to drink and be merry. Beer houses abound, karaoke, singalong, bars, etc. abound. To me, to have work with low pay, is better than no work at all.

We elected our leaders, so that they will fight for us, to speak and be the voice of the people. But it would also be our fault, if we vote for incompetents and corrupt individuals. It is also a cause and effect. "what we sow is what we reap". Until we learn our lesson, and experience pain and suffering, we shall continue to be voiceless, powerless, and oppressed.

Moreover, it is also a question of economy. If the economy is good, there will be greater demand for goods, and demand for goods, will increase demand for production, and labor, and more demand for labor will increase the price of labor. If business demand for labor, they will compete with each other to get the best...

In time, if we do good, we shall reap benefits. but to me capitalist and employers are partners. They may be mean, tough, but sooner or later, when the filipinos should be wiser, better, stronger, these workers will benefit....
i am sorry I have to go......

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