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My parents were domestic workers.They had to work hard for little money. This type of job is the hardest of all. Because of the isolation your voice is never really heard, or the worker is to worried to say anything in case they are replaced.

Thanks for making people aware of this.

It is exactly the same here in Singapore. It is a matter of luck as to how you are treated as a maid. Not only are there no legal protections but the system is also stacked against you. Many work 17hrs day 7 days a week 365 days a year. It takes 7 months work just to pay off debt to agent - the amount agents charge is not regulated. Employers have the right to repatriate their maid at will so many suffer abusive situations rather than having to start again and work 7 months for free... Govt requires bond from employers for maids and so employers use this to justify not letting maids out of the house, have a phone, have a day off...

Please visit my blog which describes life in Singapore as a domestic worker:

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