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Nigeria allows freedom of the press--apparently unlike Tyler, TX at times. Check out Nigerian Muse and On This Day. Sometimes they complain about conditions in their country. President Obama made his speech to Africa from Ghana--a country known for good governance.

Leigh Vickery should not have been dismissed for this article and responsible reporting.

FYI- Do not try to contact Leigh Vickery at the Tyler Paper. On a phone call 2/25/11 after being transferred 3 times with no comment we were informed that Leigh is no longer employed by the Tyler Paper.It was stated that this was completely her decision?? All of her prior wonderful articles appear to have been removed from the website.
Let's continue to base our comfort in the status of our country on what we read and hear in the media. We know that only the complete stories will always be revealed because that is what REAL reporters and journalist are there for. After all, why would they not want to tell "the rest of the story." You tell me. Have a Blessed Day.

I just bought a Hershey bar and ate it.

enjoyed all of it.

I've updated my Outlaw Chocolate page accordingly: http://just-john.com/outlaw_chocolate

This is exactly why Ivory Coast should follow the example of Egypt. Gbagbo and Ouattara won't be able to play the world's fears and concerns for the people there, and they have as much right to be free from slavery and exploitation as any nation/state/population, such as Tunisia, Egypt, or even the United States. I will not eat chocolate again until this disgrace is ended and justice prevails.

thank you

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