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Thank you Steve, I agree. Can I quote you?

One "Fair" question (if you know): the coffee "fair trade" concept has hit some rough spots, involving heightened costs for growers in order to participate, which has resulted in the truly poorer growers actually making more money by staying out of the FT distribution.

Any idea if the Fair Trade certification process for cocoa in W Africa is being supervised by non-revenue-seeking entities? My impression concerning the coffee process was that the difficulties arose in that realm.

Not sure that my Trackback worked, but I just blogged on this entry. It's important that people begin thinking not only about what kind of bargain they're getting but what kind of bargain EVERYONE gets in a transaction. When you're buying chocolate grown by children and slaves, it's hard to then turn around and believe in the forces of good beating Voldemort. I believe these stories are symbolic of things happening in ourselves and in our world (like most good fiction). And if we want the good guy to win, we need to make choices that support that.

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