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Even if a person used to be a drug addict or an alcoholic, he doesn't deserve to be punished like this. They should have their own rehab center where they can recover from their addiction. People deserve equal treatment, after all.

It's such a shame that this is still going on. A few years ago, I did a Human Rights based risk analysis on neighbouring countries (I am in Austrlaia) and found that of all South East Asian nations, Vietnam was best equipped to dramatically improve its human rights and fair trade status. At the time, it was potentially a new member of the BRIC nations (so I guess BRIC-V nations - not very catchy...) economically. At that time, Cambodia was leading the way in activism but didn't have the economy to support change. I would be interested in revisiting that study a few years on to see what eventuated - but then I fear very little positive change has taken place....

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