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Unfortunately, Dagoba will be dropping all Fair Trade Certified products. This was confirmed by consumer affairs after I emailed to ask if they would still offer the Conacado bar and other Fair Trade Certified products.


Thank you for getting back to us about DAGOBA Conacado Chocolate Bar.

DAGOBA Conacado Chocolate Bar will be sold until current inventory is exhausted and than be discontinued. We will not maintain any Fair Trade certifications.

Have a sweet day,

Consumer Representative

Where did the Company confirm use of Rainforest Alliance cocoa for all Bliss and Dagoba products? I asked consumer affairs and they would not say. Disappointing lack of transparency.

I have heard concerns about Dagoba dropping Fairtrade Certified products. Do you know anything about that? Fairtrade seems to have a lot more integrity and higher standards than Rainforest Alliance, though Fairtrade's hired labor standards (for crops where hired labor farms can be Fairtrade are pretty similar to Rainforest Alliance. Fairtrade does offer important income protection through the minimum price, which is becoming more important as cocoa prices continue to fall.

Although Hershey's press release is unclear. According to the company, 100 percent of Bliss chocolates will be made with 100 percent Rainforest certified cocoa. Same with the Dagoba line.

Where did Hershey state they will be sourcing Rainforest Alliance for their "entire" line of Bliss and/or Dagoba? Their press release states they will source RA cocoa and that consumers will be able to buy Bliss products that use 100% RA cocoa, but does not expressly state they will convert 100% of either brand's products to RA.

I just cannot bring myself to buy chocolate at the moment. I have a petition to stop child exploitation. We must all work together to stop this cruelty to the vunerable.The rich and poor divide is getting larger every day.


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